Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 5 Airsoft Assault Rifles

Teenage boys are sometimes hard to buy for even when you know them very well. If you are tired of racking your brain for the perfect gift, then read below to help you find a gift that is perfect for that guy on your holiday shopping list.

If you ever wanted to learn self defense but convinced yourself that you did not have time, then you have officially run out of excuses. But if you get self defense books, you are that much closer to being able to protect not only yourself, but your loved ones as well. There are many books for self defense. They are survival books, our local range provides these new ar500 targets for higher caliber rounds books, Sniper books, Gun books, Survival books, etc. By reading these you will learn all the skills necessary to bring down your opponent by using tested and proven methods of self defense. Not only can you get all the skills, but you do not have to alter your schedule. You can learn at night, in the morning before work or any other time. And you also get the benefit of having your very own personal trainer.

These won't be an item you pack, but comfortable boots are a must. All the trips back to the truck with meat on your back can be uncomfortable without good footwear.

If your dad likes the outdoors he is probably into some sport or he is a sportsman (hunting and fishing). Many times these dads are into more than one thing that can fit into this category. Even your weekend griller is normally an sportsman (a new set of grilling utensils would look great on a new grill on the patio by the way). I would try and get him something that he can use immediately. If it is Father's Day (which is in June in case you forgot) get him a gift that he can use in the summer time not a new hunting rifle. Try any local sporting goods store and you can probably find a gift that would suit your father. If you can't find anything or just can not decide you can always get a gift card to that store and let him pick out his own gift.

Within a week after the most horrific tragedy that Tucson, AZ has ever seen, New York Senator Charles Schumer has proposed a bill that restricts the purchase of firearms. If military candidates admit illegal drug use, that information should be shared with the FBI so they can't buy a gun, Sen. Chuck Schumer said. Had this reporting requirement been in place, Loughner would likely have been prevented from purchasing a firearm," the New York Democrat said. "We should fix this reporting loophole so that future tragedies can be prevented." I do not think anyone would deny that the use of illicit drugs and firearms do not mix, but why was this not done before, and why is this being proposed by a Senator from New York?

The trail does have two benches which, though nice, which I would think is far too few for a one plus mile trail. Near the start point of the trail there are some parks which would be a good end point for those with younger children.

It's chambered in the old time favorite, the 30-30. The 30-30 has taken more deer then any other hunting caliber, and is still widely used through out the US. The short barrel and quick handling make this an excellent choice in areas where the maximum shot is under 150yds.

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